Finding Home Comforts: FC Union Regaining Form at Home Ground

1. FC Union’s coach, Nenad Bjelica, was seen pacing wildly and gesturing wildly through his coaching zone during the team’s first game after serving a suspension. Despite appearing tense at the end of the game, he hugged his coaching staff and said, “It was very emotional for us and it’s great to get three points after such a fight.”

The recent controversy surrounding tennis balls that almost led to the game being abandoned was pushed aside by 1. FC Union as they focused on their win against VfL Wolfsburg. With 21 points, Union has managed to catch up with the lower midfield and increase their safety cushion on the relegation zone.

The team has rediscovered three old strengths: home strength, defensive stability, and goals from set pieces. While the offense remains a construction site, and the game is not always pretty to look at, the overall trend is positive in terms of defensive stability. Despite a lot of luck in their fourth home win, Union’s defensive trend is improving.

Moving forward, the team needs to carry their recent progress into an away game as their last victory abroad came in August. The coach has given them two days off as a reward for their strong performance.

Nenad Bjelica, 1. FC Union coach

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