North Philadelphia funeral home intends to rebuild following fire to continue operating as a family business

A fire in North Philadelphia early Wednesday morning has left the Pennick Funeral Home, a nearly century-old establishment located on Montgomery Avenue in Brewerytown, charred and destroyed. The beloved funeral home, which had been a cherished part of the community for generations, is now represented by the devastation caused by the fire.

Sheli Pennick, the third-generation owner of the funeral home, took over her family’s business started by her grandmother. Just before 2 am on Wednesday morning, flames broke out in a third-floor bedroom at the funeral home. Pennick‚Äôs 87-year-old mother and 16-year-old nephew were inside at the time of the fire. The nephew quickly evacuated everyone from the house after flames erupted. Firefighters were able to safely remove the bodies of the deceased from the reposing room of the funeral home.

Despite the tragedy that has befallen her family’s business, Pennick remains grateful that everyone got out safely and that they were able to ensure their loved ones’ safety. The support from the community has been overwhelming as many reached out to offer comfort and help. She is determined to rebuild and restore her family’s legacy over time. As investigations continue into what caused this unfortunate incident, Pennick remains focused on continuing to provide support to those in need.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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