The Evolution of Thermomix: From Novelty to Kitchen Necessity

At the Vorwerk store in Marseille, on the 2nd floor of Terrasses du Port, a sleek TM 6 model sits on a work surface. Camille, an advisor, oversees a workshop where participants learn to use the machine for various tasks like mixing, emulsifying, weighing, grinding, chopping, whisking, mincing, simmering, kneading and cooking including steaming. Despite not frying, Camille mentions that the machine promotes healthy eating.

During the workshop, participants learn to make lemonade with organic fruits using the TM 6. They watch the recipe displayed step by step on the central screen and appreciate the machine’s practical functionality. The exact weight of sugar is directly measured and the mixing speed produces a perfect drink. Camille also demonstrates how to create menus for the week and generate a shopping list “ray by ray,” catering to busy households.

Apart from the workshop, there are several unrelated topics discussed such as appliance repair and maintenance services ranging from forum discussions to photo communities. Some of these discussions cover problems with air conditioners and microwave oven tricks while others focus on Microsoft Learn profiles and Samsung Eco Bubble washing machines. There are also discussions on choosing between different microwaves and repairing refrigerators as well as promoting quality repair services for washing machines. While it’s unclear what specific topic is being discussed at any given time, it appears that this content covers a wide range of household appliance-related discussions and repair services.

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