Ado Wows Audience with ‘Aishite Aishite Aishite’ Performance at L.A. World Tour Stop: Check it Out

Ado recently shared live footage of her performance of “Aishite Aishite Aishite” during her global tour titled THE FIRST WORLD TOUR “Wish.” The mysterious singer traveled to cities across Asia, Europe, and the U.S. as part of her Wish world tour, which began in February. The four-minute clip highlights her performance at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles, where she covered the track by Vocaloid producer Kikuo.

Ado, known for her song “Show,” is gearing up to release her highly anticipated second studio album Zanmu on July 10. This video of her performance will be included in the three limited first editions of the album: BIG Acrylic Stand & Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD versions. Fans can look forward to more of Ado’s captivating performances in this upcoming album release.

Fans can dive deeper into Ado’s world by watching the video of her performance below. Billboard Japan features updates on Ado’s latest videos, charts, and news about her music. Get ready to be mesmerized by Ado’s unique style and powerful performances as she continues to make her mark in the music industry.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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