Rescue Operation: Stork Babies Saved from Storm and Taken to Nursery

Erwin F., a craftsman from southern Germany, has a heartwarming story to tell after rescuing two baby stork chicks during the recent heavy rain and flooding. With the help of his colleague and a forklift, he managed to safely rescue the chicks and bring them to safety.

Three years ago, Erwin put up a mast with a stork’s nest behind his house, and the birds promptly made it their home. This year, the couple witnessed three chicks in the nest but unfortunately, only two survived the harsh weather conditions of continuous rain and cold.

As the flood disaster unfolded, Erwin realized that the stork chicks would not survive the storm. He sought advice from an expert at the stork rescue center before attempting to rescue them with his colleague and forklift. Despite potential legal implications for rescuing stork chicks without permission, Erwin acted quickly to save the young birds.

After rescuing the babies, Erwin lovingly nursed them back to health by feeding them herrings and keeping them warm. After four days, they were returned to their nest where they are now being cared for by their grateful parents as if nothing had ever happened. The couple’s dedication and efforts have resulted in a heartwarming story of compassion and resilience amidst nature’s challenges.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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