Gemini AIs vs. ChatGPT: Who is winning the technology race?

On May 13, OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT-4o, a new and enhanced version of its popular chatbot. The AI can process and generate information from images, video, and audio, providing responses in record time with different emotive tones. It also features real-time image analysis and translation capabilities during conversations between people who speak different languages.

Google followed up with updates to its model Gemini during its I/O 2024 developer conference. The improved version of Gemini 1.5 Pro includes a one million token context window and enhanced image understanding capabilities. In addition to this update, Google launched Flash 1.5 as well as Project Astra, a new artificial intelligence agent designed to assist with everyday tasks.

Both companies showcased advanced technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, with OpenAI focusing on language understanding while Google expanded its applications in areas such as image generation and video creation. This competition between the two companies continues to drive innovation in the field of AI, with expectations of further advancements in the near future.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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