Aid workers are pulling out of Gaza

In the Gaza Strip, the ongoing conflict and security risks have forced aid organizations to reconsider their operations. Hamas’ control over supply convoys and armed gangs seizing supplies have made it difficult for the civilian population to access aid. Panic and deaths have occurred during aid distributions, and the high prices of goods in local markets make them unaffordable for many refugees.

World Central Kitchen (WCK) halted its operations following a drone bombing, a decision that Israeli army leadership likely regrets. WCK had stepped in to provide aid where UNRWA had previously worked, but accusations of collaboration with Hamas led to their withdrawal. Other aid organizations are also reconsidering their operations in Gaza due to the challenges faced by WCK.

In the north, around 200,000 people face difficulties accessing aid deliveries due to ongoing fighting between Hamas and Israel. WCK was working on opening a new sea route with US assistance, but a tragic incident halted their efforts. Israel’s army may be required to open additional delivery routes to address the urgent need for aid in the region.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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