Cancer rates soar by 80% among young adults

Despite popular belief, the incidence of cancer among young people has increased by about 80%. While cancer is less common among those aged 20-44, many young people are still affected by various types of cancer. Global studies have shown a rise in the proportion of young individuals suffering from cancer, with the number of diagnoses increasing by 79% between 1990 and 2019.

In Israel, common types of cancer among young people include testicular cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, malignant melanoma, breast cancer, and thyroid cancer. To prevent cancer, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding smoking and secondhand smoke, following a balanced diet, staying physically active, limiting alcohol consumption, maintaining a healthy weight, and practicing safe sun exposure.

Recognizing early signs of cancer is crucial for early diagnosis and treatment. Symptoms like unexplained pain, weight loss, fatigue, lumps or swelling, fever, skin changes

By Sophia Gonzalez

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