IDF Soldiers Turning to Alcohol and Drugs to Cope with Injuries: Report

Military personnel and their families are facing a growing problem with alcohol and drug addiction, as well as financial and psychological issues, according to a report by the Association of Social Workers.

The report found that 64% of social workers reported difficulties with parenting among wounded military personnel and their families, while 58% reported worsening alcohol and drug use. Among military personnel themselves and their loved ones, 19.11% reported abuse of alcohol and drugs, as well as addictive medications.

In addition to these problems, the report also found that 34.11% of social workers reported a deterioration in the educational situation in the families of injured military personnel. Furthermore, 57.9% reported deterioration that arose after the start of the war, while 39.41% reported economic difficulties and 33.82% reported problems with employment.

The behavior of children called up for reservist service is also deteriorating, according to the report’s findings, with 59% reporting worsening behavior by children in the families of those who were called up for reservist service. Overall, this report highlights a significant problem faced by military personnel and their families that requires urgent attention from society as a whole.

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