Alien Sightings: A Visualization

Scientists and experts theorize that given the unique environments of exoplanets, aliens may have evolved to look completely different from anything on Earth. For instance, some aliens may have developed the ability to fly through dense atmospheres while others may have adapted to high gravity conditions by developing strong, elephant-like bodies. Valentina Erastova speculates that underground life on a planet with high radiation levels could resemble fungi, with most of its life taking place below the surface in a network of symbiotic roots.

In the presence of strong ultraviolet radiation, aliens may have evolved to glow red, blue, or green as a form of protection. Similar to corals, these organisms may have proteins or pigments that help absorb the energy from UV light and emit light at safer wavelengths in the visible spectrum. Additionally, some aliens may have very slow metabolisms due to cold environments, similar to organisms that live in methane seas like Titan, Saturn’s moon.

While scientists consider glowing or mushroom-like alien organisms as a possibility, they also recognize that alien life may be much simpler, possibly consisting of single-celled organisms. Sarah Rugheimer speculates that bacteria-like life forms might be more common on other planets than complex ones. Detecting such life forms on other planets could involve looking for evidence left behind by bacterial microbial mats such as calcium carbonate formations in hot springs.

It is unlikely that alien life forms will resemble humans as our appearance is a result of evolution in Earth’s unique environment. However, alien life may exhibit convergent evolutionary characteristics such as eyes or limbs/wings for environmental observation and movement respectively. Ultimately, the characteristics of alien life will depend on their essential survival conditions like water availability and oxygen supply.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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