Amazon is discontinuing cashier-less ‘Just Walk Out’ technology at Fresh stores

In 2016, Amazon introduced its cashier-less “Just Walk Out” technology at its larger Amazon Fresh grocery stores. The system allowed customers to enter the store, pick up items, and leave without having to go through a traditional checkout process. However, a report in May 2023 revealed that the system actually required 1,000 employees in India to monitor the cameras and ensure that transactions were accurately recorded. Approximately 70% of “Just Walk Out” purchases depended on the overseas workers.

In response to this revelation, Amazon has decided to discontinue the “Just Walk Out” technology at its larger Amazon Fresh grocery stores. Instead, the company will implement “smart carts” that enable customers to scan items as they shop to skip checkout lines. Additionally, there will be more self-checkout stations available for non-Amazon members at these stores. This change will only be implemented in the larger Amazon Fresh stores, which include locations such as Oceanside, N.Y., Paramus, N.J., Broomall, Pa., and Warrington, Pa.

The company plans to continue using the “Just Walk Out” technology in its smaller Amazon Go stores and select Amazon Fresh locations in the U.K. The decision to discontinue the “Just Walk Out” technology comes after concerns were raised about job losses due to automation and offshoring of jobs. With this new implementation of smart carts and more self-checkout stations, Amazon aims to provide a more convenient shopping experience for its customers while also addressing concerns about job loss and offshoring of jobs.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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