American-made port in Gaza facilitates delivery of 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid amid Israel-Hamas conflict

American soldiers have established a temporary pier at the Gaza beach to deliver 500 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the besieged territory, which has been devastated by the Israeli army. The aid, controlled upstream in Cyprus, will be distributed rapidly in Gaza via this new infrastructure, with no American soldiers physically present on Gaza soil.

According to US Central Command (Centcom), trucks loaded with humanitarian aid are expected to start arriving in the coming days and will be handed over to the UN for distribution in Gaza. The British Foreign Office has announced that a ship loaded with aid has already left the Cypriot port of Larnaca bound for the facility. It is estimated that around 100 tonnes of temporary shelter for the inhabitants of Gaza will be unloaded at the new port.

The Israeli army is supervising this humanitarian operation, ensuring the aid is delivered via road as well. Israel launched an offensive on Gaza in response to an attack by Hamas commandos and their allies in October. The entry of international aid into Gaza has been largely hampered at the two main crossing points – Kerem Shalom from Israel and Rafah from Egypt. However, despite these challenges, aid is slowly making its way into Gaza to support the population that has been severely affected by the conflict.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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