The App Store is infiltrated by a fake LastPass manager

Mike Kosak, the Senior Principal Intelligence Analyst at LastPass, has issued a warning on their blog about a fake version of their password manager app available in Apple’s App Store. This app, referred to as LassPass Password Manager, copies the logo and user interface of the real version but includes spelling errors. Kosak included screenshots of the fake app to help users recognize it. LastPass has 52,300 user ratings and is developed by LogMeIn, while LassPass has just one rating and seems to be developed by someone named Parvati Patel.

Apple’s usual app review process ensures that software on the App Store meets privacy, security, and content standards. However, this case is unusual because LassPass Password Manager slipped through the cracks despite not meeting these standards. Apple has since removed the fake app from the App Store and vowed to work harder to prevent future instances of this happening.

Kosak advises users to be cautious when downloading apps from the App Store and to always verify that they are downloading legitimate versions of apps they use regularly. He also encourages users to report any suspicious activity or fake apps they encounter so that others can be warned and protected from potential harm.

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