PA Head blames Hamas at Arab League Summit in Manama

The League of Arab States held a summit meeting in Manama, marking its first gathering since condemning “Israel’s barbaric actions in the Gaza Strip” in November 2023. King Hamad bin Issa of Bahrain opened the meeting by advocating for a peace conference on the Middle East settlement and expressing support for recognizing a Palestinian state and its admission to the UN.

Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia also expressed his support for establishing an internationally recognized Palestinian state, calling on the international community to work towards ending aggression against Palestinian civilians. Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas criticized Hamas for providing Israel with a pretext for aggression and urged Arab countries to provide financial aid to the PA.

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The summit meeting of the League of Arab States provided an opportunity for leaders from various countries to come together and discuss important issues affecting their region. The call for a peace conference on the Middle East settlement is particularly significant given ongoing conflicts in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq. Additionally, the recognition of a Palestinian state is seen as crucial towards achieving lasting peace in the region.

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