ArcBest introduces new autonomous and remotely controlled forklift technology

ArcBest has announced the launch of a new technology called Vaux Smart Autonomy, which allows for remote operation of autonomous mobile robot units such as forklifts and reach trucks. This innovative solution is designed to improve warehouse operations and provide greater flexibility in labor management.

Vaux Smart Autonomy enables human operators to remotely control the autonomous forklifts and reach trucks through software that pairs with sensors and cameras on the units. These devices allow the robots to navigate the warehouse floor, load and stack pallets, and move other goods. A teleoperator control center monitors the units when they are operated autonomously to ensure smooth operations.

The technology can be easily integrated into existing warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to improve efficiency without having to make major changes to their infrastructure. ArcBest is committed to ongoing investments in technology that drive profitable growth for both themselves and their customers.

Last year, ArcBest announced another exciting innovation called Vaux Freight Movement System, a mobile platform that streamlines freight handling on docks by reducing the time it takes to load and unload trailers while minimizing damage as forklifts no longer need to enter trailers. This offering is part of ArcBest’s $175 million annual technology and innovation budget.

The Vaux suite of offerings is currently being piloted with manufacturing, automotive, and retail companies, with plans to expand further in the future. With Vaux Smart Autonomy, businesses can benefit from improved efficiencies, added labor flexibility, and a safer working environment for their employees.

ArcBest has been at the forefront of innovation in the transportation industry for many years now. They have consistently invested in new technologies that help businesses optimize their operations while improving safety on site.

Overall, Vaux Smart Autonomy represents an exciting new chapter in warehouse automation that will undoubtedly revolutionize how many businesses operate in this space.

In conclusion, ArcBest’s launch of Vaux Smart Autonomy is a game-changer in warehouse operations. The technology provides companies with greater flexibility in labor management while improving overall efficiency through remote operation of autonomous mobile robot units such as forklifts and reach trucks.

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