Israel Utilizes AI-Enhanced Military Technology in Gaza Conflict | Global News

Israel’s military has deployed AI technology into its combat operations in Gaza, marking the first use of such advanced weaponry in the months-long conflict. This move has sparked concerns about the implications of autonomous weapons in modern warfare.

The Israeli defense industry, which accounts for 18 percent of GDP, is currently facing challenges due to the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The sector has been affected by the conflict, with an estimated eight percent of its workforce called up for military service. The increasing civilian death toll highlights the need for greater oversight over the deployment of new defense technologies.

The use of AI in weapons systems was highlighted in a UN resolution in December, where over 150 countries identified “serious challenges and concerns” in emerging military technologies, including artificial intelligence and autonomy. The conflict with Hamas has seen a shift in the dynamics of modern warfare as both sides employ new technology to counter threats. In response to the proliferation of cheap unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones, Israel has developed new AI-powered drones that can map and navigate underground tunnels used by Hamas as hiding places and locations where hostages are held. These drones are equipped with AI capabilities that allow them to detect humans and operate underground. Another innovation involves an AI-enabled optic sight attached to weapons like rifles and machine guns that helps soldiers intercept drones and turn even visually impaired soldiers into highly accurate marksmen.

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