René Benko’s office inventory is now up for auction

Signa-Pleite is currently undergoing a liquidation process in order to generate funds. Last Wednesday, Signa Holding transferred ownership and auctioned off more than 1,700 items from their headquarters in Wiener Palais Harrach through the Aurena auction house. The most expensive item sold was a conference table for 37,500 euros including fees and VAT.

Now, the auction of furnishings for the first floor of Signa’s former conference room, which served as an office and representation area for the company’s founders, René Benko, has begun. The inventory includes a nearly four meter long desk with a stone base, a 54 square meter custom-made carpet, a three meter high showcase from the “Chrysler Building,” a “Chancellor President” office chair, and a 78-light chandelier above the magnificent staircase. Additionally, there is a cigar collection, an anti-eavesdropping box for smartphones, and silver cutlery sets and napkin rings available for auction on

Interested parties are already able to submit their bids, and the first awards will take place on February 24th. Once registered, anyone—whether a company or a private individual—can bid on the items.

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