Audi employees to decide on 7% pay rise offer

On Friday, the fate of the ongoing strike at Audi in Puebla will be decided as more than 4,000 workers vote on the company’s proposal for a global 7 percent increase. This will determine whether they will raise the red and black flags that they placed two weeks ago. The consultation will take place today from 8:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the BUAP University Cultural Complex.

The Independent Union of Audi Mexico Workers (Sitaudi), led by César Orta Briones, has announced that 4,159 workers through a free, personal, direct and secret vote will define the fate of the strike in the consultation of the review agreement, which will be supervised by six verifiers from the Federal Center for Conciliation and Labor Registration.

Through a statement addressed to the workers of the assembly plant located in San José Chiapa, Audi seeks to put an end to the strike with the promise of extending temporary staff contracts to 12 months. However, Sitaudi’s leadership clarified that this point is not established in any clause, so if Audi fails to comply, it will not be possible to claim such an offer.

Audi also promises that if its proposal is approved by a simple majority, retroactive payment to January 1 with a new salary increase of 7 percent would be made as well as ensuring jobs for all three shifts and

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