Austria falls significantly behind in the field of artificial intelligence

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Austria must catch up with global leaders in research and training in artificial intelligence (AI) if they want to remain competitive in the near future, according to industrialist Hannes Androsch. While he acknowledges that current excitement about AI may be overhyped, he believes it is essential to prepare for its impact. Androsch also criticizes Austria’s lack of support for schools and research spending and calls for a more future-promoting economic policy that supports innovations such as AI.

Clemens Wasner, a member of AI Austria, agrees with Androsch that basic research in the digital world has become closely linked to actual applications. He points out that AI models have developed rapidly and achieved mass market success, highlighting the need for Austria to adapt and keep pace with advancements in the field.

Androsch notes that private investors like those at NXAI are investing heavily in basic research in Europe, but he believes there is still a need for significant improvements in funding processes and support for innovation in order to catch up with global leaders. He also emphasizes the importance of addressing political statements regarding elections and ensuring that they address this issue seriously.

In conclusion, there is no denying that Austria needs major improvements in research, training, and economic policy if they want to stay competitive on a global level when it comes to AI and other technological innovations.

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