Zaur Nasirov Assumes Leadership of Stepanakert’s Police Department

In recent news, Azerbaijan has appointed Police Colonel Zaur Nasirov as the head of the Stepanakert police department. Nasirov was born in 1980 and has previously held several high-ranking positions in the Azerbaijani police force. He most recently served as the head of the Goygol district police department.

This is the second reported appointment of an Azerbaijani to the Stepanakert police department, following the appointment of Police Major General Sardar Safarov in October 2020. The depopulation of Artsakh has led to a significant shift in power dynamics within the region, with many Armenian officials fleeing or being forced to relocate.

Nasirov’s appointment comes at a time when tensions between Azerbaijan and neighboring countries are high. In November 2020, Azerbaijan launched a military campaign to reclaim control of the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region from Armenia. The conflict resulted in hundreds of deaths and displacement of thousands of people, with many residents fleeing to neighboring countries such as Russia and Iran.

Despite these challenges, Nasirov’s appointment marks a continuation of Azerbaijan’s efforts to establish greater control over its borders and maintain peace and stability within its own borders. As head of the Stepanakert police department, Nasirov will be responsible for ensuring public safety and maintaining order in one of Artsakh’s largest cities.

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