Man Narrowly Escapes Baltimore Bridge Collapse After Quick Exit Following Dispute

On Tuesday morning, the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed after a ship crashed into it. The news was reported by The Telegraph. Despite the tragedy, one lucky Baltimore resident named Jayden narrowly avoided disaster as he had crossed the bridge just minutes before it fell.

Jayden had been heading home after an argument with his girlfriend when he received texts about the collapse. He had crossed the bridge three times in total, and luckily, he was almost home when the disaster struck. The bridge collapsed at around 1:30 a.m., and six construction workers are presumed dead due to the incident. Two people were rescued from the water, with one being sent to a local trauma center in critical condition.

According to reports, the 95,000-ton container ship that collided with one of the bridge’s supports played a significant role in its collapse. The incident has raised questions about bridge safety and has implications for both the shipping and engineering industries. Experts in engineering are currently investigating the cause of the collapse and what could have been done to prevent it from happening.

The city’s fire chief stated in a press conference that two people were rescued from the water after receiving timely information due to distress call made by ship crew members beforehand which gave officials time to close car traffic on the bridge.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge is an important landmark in Baltimore city and this incident highlights how important it is for authorities to be alerted quickly so they can take necessary actions to prevent such incidents from happening again in future.

In conclusion, this tragic event serves as a reminder of how vital it is for both shipping companies and engineers to prioritize safety measures when working on bridges or near heavy vessels like container ships. It also shows how crucial timely communication between different agencies can be during emergency situations like these.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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