UnitedHealthcare and Baptist Health reach agreement on contract deal, as reported by The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

On February 9, 2024 at 5:13 p.m., it was announced that the Baptist Health network of hospitals and clinics and UnitedHealthcare had reached a multi-year agreement. This agreement covers a wide range of plans, including employer-sponsored and individual commercial plans, Medicare Advantage and Group Retiree plans, and Dual Special Needs Plans.

This partnership is significant as it ensures that individuals and employers can continue to access care at Baptist Health facilities. Patients will still be able to receive the services they need at these facilities, which is an important development for those who rely on their coverage for their healthcare needs.

The agreement brings assurance to patients who may have been concerned about their ability to access care at Baptist Health facilities following the announcement of the partnership. The multi-year agreement ensures that patients will continue to have access to quality care at these facilities.

Overall, this agreement is a positive development for individuals and employers who rely on these plans for their healthcare needs. The partnership between Baptist Health and UnitedHealthcare will ensure that patients can continue to receive the care they need at these facilities.

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