Three Belgians sustain injuries in head-on collision between SUV and bus in Davos, Switzerland

In Davos, Switzerland, a head-on collision occurred between an SUV and a scheduled bus on Sunday morning. Three Belgians were among the six people injured in the accident, including the 27-year-old Belgian man who was driving the car. The cause of the accident is not yet clear, but images show that the road surface was covered in a thick layer of snow.

The three seriously injured individuals were flown by helicopter to the hospital in Chur and two others were taken by ambulance to hospitals in Schiers and Chur. The fourth occupant of the car, a 58-year-old bus driver, and a passenger were also slightly injured and hospitalized in Davos. Out of the four occupants of the car, three are said to have Belgian nationality.

On Monday morning, the FPS Foreign Affairs confirmed that three Belgians were injured in the car accident, but none of them are in critical condition. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also stated that the Belgian embassy in Bern is in contact with local government officials for further assistance. No further comments have been made regarding this individual case as it concerns confidential information within an individual file.

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