Crowds gather at the Brandenburg Gate and Sonnenallee

In Berlin, people gathered to protest the current state of affairs in Gaza following the attack by the Israeli army on Rafah. The protests were prompted by the situation in Gaza and the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In Neuk├Âlln, a spontaneous meeting was confirmed by the police speaker. Around 100 people gathered on the corner of Pannierstrasse and Sonnenallee to chant “Free Palestine” and “Ceasefire Now.” Videos on social media showed people spelling out “Rafah” with tea lights and others chanting and demanding an end to the Israeli occupation, labeling Israel as a terrorist state, and shouting “Stop the Genocide” and “Free Palestine.”

Around 300 people gathered at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to launch chants and wave Palestinian flags. While there was an attempted physical attack on a press representative, the situation remained calm overall. The protests are thought to be linked to the Israeli army’s attack on Rafah, which has caused an influx of people into Berlin protesting against the situation in Gaza. Videos on social media deemed it a success.

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