Kamala Harris, Vice President, discusses housing and economy in Milwaukee

The Biden administration has been concentrating on Wisconsin in 2024, with Vice President Kamala Harris making her fourth visit to the state this year alone. Her latest visit included a moderated discussion with actor and comedian DL Hughley, following President Biden’s recent visit to tout a planned artificial intelligence data center in Racine County.

During the event, Vice President Harris announced funding for housing counseling services in Wisconsin, addressing the issue of affordability in housing. Studies have shown that the inability to afford a home is a leading factor in choosing to rent, with the average rent for a Milwaukee apartment being over $1,800 a month.

The Biden administration also announced that Vice President Harris would debate whoever the Republican party chooses as their vice presidential candidate this fall. The debate is tentatively scheduled for either July 23rd or August 13th, with the location yet to be determined.

Milwaukee Mayor Cavalier Johnson expressed his excitement at the prospect of hosting the debate in Milwaukee, noting that the city had previously hosted the first Republican presidential debate last July. He expressed confidence in Vice President Harris’s ability to perform well in the debate against any potential Republican candidate.

Former President Trump also mentioned the possibility of announcing his vice presidential pick at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, indicating that there is a good chance of this happening. The political landscape in Wisconsin continues to be a focal point for both the Biden administration and the Republican party.

As part of her visit to Wisconsin, Vice President Harris also discussed plans to invest in infrastructure projects across the state. This includes funding for new bridges and highways as well as improvements to existing transportation systems.

In addition to her discussions on housing and infrastructure, Vice President Harris also talked about issues related to education and job training. She emphasized the importance of investing in these areas so that Wisconsinites have access to good-paying jobs and can succeed economically.

Overall, Vice President Harris’s visit to Wisconsin was an important opportunity for her to connect with voters and discuss key issues facing our state. With more than two years until Election Day 2024, it will be interesting to see how both parties continue their efforts here in Wisconsin over time.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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