Biden aims to negotiate a minimum six-week ceasefire in Gaza

The United States President Joe Biden has announced that efforts are underway to negotiate a ceasefire lasting at least six weeks in the Gaza Strip. During this time, hostages will be released, according to the president. These comments were made during a joint press conference with King Abdullahin of Jordan at the White House.

In his statement, Biden emphasized the importance of protecting civilians in Rafah, which is located near the Egyptian border and houses up to one million Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered his country’s armed forces to prepare for a ground attack on Rafah.

The situation in Rafah remains tense and unstable as both sides continue their military operations against each other. While negotiations are ongoing, there is no guarantee that a ceasefire will be reached soon or if it will hold for six weeks or longer. The fate of millions of people in the region hangs in the balance as they wait for peace to be restored.

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