Boeing’s sales continue to stagnate | CNN Business

Boeing is facing challenges with new plane orders at its factory in Renton, Washington. The company reported only four new jet orders in May, all for the 787 Dreamliner, and none for the troubled 737 Max. This is a decrease from the seven gross orders received in April and far below the 69 jets ordered in May 2023. So far this year, gross orders for Boeing are down 36% compared to the first five months of last year.

One bright spot for the company was an order for 85 of its planned 737 Max 10 in March from American Airlines. However, this model of the plane has yet to be approved by the FAA for passenger use. The decline in orders comes after safety concerns and production issues, such as a door plug blowout on a 737 Max jet in January, led to federal investigations and production constraints imposed by the FAA.

Boeing’s overall deliveries of planes to customers also saw a sharp decline in May. The company delivered only half of what it delivered in May of 2024. Year-to-date deliveries are down by 36%, impacting the company’s financial results as most revenue from plane sales comes at the time of delivery. In response to these challenges, shares of Boeing fell more than 3%, adding to an overall decrease of 30% so far this year.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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