North Carolina Chain Bojangles Fan Marks 105th Birthday with Celebration

In 1977, Bojangles opened its doors in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has since expanded to over 800 restaurants across 17 states. One of the restaurant’s most loyal customers is Charlie Lentz, a resident of Winston-Salem who has been frequenting Bojangles for decades. To celebrate his milestone birthday, Lentz was surprised with a party at the restaurant organized by Horace Spencer, the regional manager.

Lentz is known for his regular order of the Leg & Thigh meal at Bojangles. The staff always has his meal ready for him when he arrives, making it a familiar spot for him after church on Sundays in Winston-Salem. The surprise party was attended by Lentz’s friends and family who gathered to celebrate his special day.

Spencer shared that Lentz’s consistent order of the $8 Leg & Thigh meal, which includes two pieces of chicken, two sides, and a biscuit, is always prepared for him ahead of time. The celebration was thrilling for Lentz who wore a Bojangles crown for the occasion. As he looked around at the guests gathered in honor of his birthday, he couldn’t help but feel grateful for the years he has spent enjoying Southern-inspired dishes like chicken and biscuits at Bojangles.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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