Here are my tips after attempting to book reservations at all 50 of the world’s best restaurants

When planning a holiday, most people prioritize sun, sea, and sand over food. However, what if you wanted to plan your trip around dining at one of the world’s best restaurants? In 2024, Telegraph Travel investigated the availability and booking fees at each of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. They discovered that while credit card commitments are high, there is surprisingly good availability at many of these top restaurants, especially in the spring and summer.

However, some are fully booked indefinitely, making it important to plan well in advance. To secure a table at one of the world’s best restaurants, a credit card with sufficient funds available is usually required. Most restaurants will take a credit card holding deposit based on the number of customers on the booking and this amount may be charged if you cancel close to the booking date. Some have strict cancellation policies while others allow a booking without requiring credit card details. The average credit card commitment for those that charged was £133.50 per head or £267 for two.

In conclusion, booking a table at one of the world’s best restaurants requires a significant financial commitment but it is possible to make reservations at many of these establishments with careful planning.

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