Video released by justice implicates Jair Bolsonaro in alleged coup attempt

The Brazilian Supreme Court has released a recording of former President Jair Bolsonaro expressing concerns about the electoral process and accusing several judges of preparing for fraud in the 2022 elections. This has prompted an investigation by the Federal Police of Brazil into Bolsonaro’s alleged involvement in planning a coup d’├ętat, including the imprisonment of Supreme Court justices and preventing the transfer of powers.

The Federal Police has requested Bolsonaro’s passport and prohibited him from leaving the country as they continue their investigation. In addition, they have searched the homes of three former ministers and a former Navy commander, and arrested three former advisors of the far-right party and the president of its formation.

Bolsonaro’s lawyer has stated that his opinions in the video are “absolutely public” and part of democracy, and that Bolsonaro did not advocate for the use of force to remain in power. However, Bolsonaro himself is heard saying in the video that he does not propose “measures of force” such as shooting, putting soldiers in the streets, or machine-gunning.

The situation is continuing to develop as more details emerge from the investigation into Bolsonaro’s alleged involvement in planning a coup d’├ętat.

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