A woman’s development lacks credibility

Incorporating women into science has faced numerous challenges, with a lack of credibility from men in the field being one of the main issues. Lena Ruiz Azuara, an experienced scientist who has developed new drugs against certain types of cancer in Mexico, shared her experiences in an interview with The Conference. She explained that when she began to approach the medical field to share her experiences, there was a significant lack of credibility on the part of doctors towards her work as a woman.

Despite facing discrimination and a lack of experience, Ruiz Azuara remained committed to her work and trained numerous young people in her journey. Her less aggressive drug project has been met with enthusiasm from faculty, students, and collaborators alike, who are confident that it will lead to something positive that will benefit Mexican society.

Ruiz Azuara has been a pioneer since 1975 in the development and study of inorganic chemistry at UNAM’s Faculty of Chemistry. She has inspired countless young people to pursue careers in science and has highlighted the capabilities of women in scientific fields. Women have played exceptional roles in different areas of science, she said, and women have a unique brain structure that enables them to do many things at the same time and optimize both ideas and activities.

Regarding recognition for her work, Ruiz Azuara was pleased by the surprise recognition she received from her field of expertise. She also announced the beginning of Science beyond the classroom conferences, which turn 25 years old this year. These conferences cover topics related to chemical and biological bases and will be broadcast online for those interested in discussing science.

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