New collaborative accelerator dedicated to expanding mental health workforce

Mental health professionals play a vital role in addressing the growing crisis of mental health issues in Colorado, and Kaiser Permanente is committed to improving the health of their communities by investing in the education and licensure of these professionals.

Recent studies have shown that one in five Coloradans requires mental health services, with a rise in issues like depression, anxiety, overdoses, and suicide. This has led to a shortage of mental health professionals in the state, with double the number of job vacancies compared to other regions in 2022. To address this need, Kaiser Permanente has collaborated with MSU Denver and other partners to provide $4.2 million in grants to support students in bridging the gap between education and licensure.

Challenges such as the cost of study materials, testing, and acquiring clinical hours can hinder students pursuing careers in mental health from achieving their goals. Underrepresented groups may face even more obstacles due to lack of established networks within the industry. However, MSU Denver’s accelerator program is helping students overcome these barriers by securing clinical placements, offering supervision, and providing study materials. The first cohort of 33 participants will work with nonprofit and public organizations serving vulnerable populations to gain valuable experience.

According to Jeff Krawcek, MD, executive medical director at Kaiser Permanente Colorado, removing barriers for individuals who want to work in mental health is crucial for addressing the needs of areas with high demand for these services. The community-based approach taken by Kaiser Permanente aims to improve access to mental health care for all Coloradans by developing a strong workforce capable of providing effective treatment options.

In conclusion, investing in education and licensure for future mental health professionals is essential for addressing the growing crisis facing our communities today. By working together with institutions like MSU Denver and partnering organizations like Kaiser Permanente Colorado, we can help ensure that all Coloradans have access to quality mental healthcare when they need it most.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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