Nonprofit organization raises awareness on mental health within Michigan county jail through inmate outreach

In Flint, Michigan, a woman named Dee Dee Taylor is dedicated to helping those struggling with mental health issues behind bars. As the founder of the nonprofit organization Taylor Made Re-entry, she works closely with the Justice Department to provide mental health resources to people during their incarceration in Genesee County Jail.

For many women in the jail, life has been harsh, with various reasons leading them to be incarcerated. But rather than being consumed by anger and despair, Taylor was inspired to take action due to her own personal experiences. Her father was incarcerated and her sister Breonna Taylor was killed by police officers, which led her to become more aware of the challenges faced by those who are incarcerated.

Taylor’s work is not only personal but also backed up by research that shows the importance of mental health support for those who are incarcerated. She believes that everyone deserves access to mental health care and treatment regardless of their circumstances. That’s why she collaborates closely with Percy Glover, who has experienced firsthand the challenges of maintaining mental health while incarcerated.

Glover’s own experiences have made him acutely aware of the need for mental health support for those in prison. He knows how difficult it can be to cope with stressors such as lack of privacy, isolation, and trauma when you are locked up for an extended period of time. And that’s why he works tirelessly alongside Taylor Made Re-entry to ensure that people receive the resources and support they need during this challenging time in their lives.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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