The Supreme Court Deemed the Bank’s Decision to Deny Transfer of Roman Abramovich’s Donation to ZAKA as Justified

The Supreme Court has overturned the decision of a district court in favor of Roman Abramovich and ZAKA organization against Mizrahi-Tfahot Bank. The case involved a donation of 8 million shekels made by Abramovich to ZAKA, which he witnessed firsthand during his visit to the Gaza Strip after Black Saturday. However, the bank blocked the transfer citing European Union and British sanctions on Abramovich’s assets.

ZAKA and Abramovich filed a lawsuit against the bank for refusing to transfer the funds. The district court initially ruled in their favor, ordering the bank to carry out the transaction. But the Supreme Court overturned this decision, finding that the bank’s actions were justified and that they did not violate any rules or exceptions to sanctions. Furthermore, it was determined that ZAKA would still exist without receiving the donation.

The case highlights the complexities of international sanctions and their impact on charitable organizations. It also raises questions about banks’ role in enforcing sanctions and their obligations towards their clients. Despite this setback, Abramovich’s donation will still have an impact on ZAKA’s work, demonstrating how even in difficult circumstances, humanitarian aid can still be provided through legal means.

Overall, this ruling by the Supreme Court underscores the importance of adhering to international regulations, even when dealing with sensitive matters such as humanitarian aid.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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