Podcast #371: Combining Art and Science to Create a Blending of Reality and Imagination with Bilawal Sidhu

Bilawal Sidhu, a former Google Product Manager, has made the transition to become a creative technologist and host of The TED AI Show. Additionally, he works as an angel investor and scout for a16z, with a focus on early-stage startups in generative AI, perception AI, and spatial computing. Recently fxguide had the opportunity to join Bilawal on stage at FMX in Germany, and we are excited to have him on this fxpodcast to delve into topics such as spatial intelligence, visual intelligence, and generative AI within the media and entertainment industry.

During his time at Google, Bilawal spent six years as a senior product manager focusing on VR camera systems, YouTube VR experiences, computer vision, AI-powered VFX tools, 3D world mapping, and reimagining Google Maps with Immersive View. He is now an angel investor and scout for a16z with a passion for emerging technologies that have the potential to revolutionize our world.

As the host of The TED AI Show, Bilawal provides a weekly guide on navigating a world where AI is rapidly changing everything. We touch on a recent episode where he explored the dynamics of OpenAI and the future of regulation with Helen Toner. This show received global attention for its insights into how technology can be used ethically and responsibly in society.

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