Actor from ‘Boy Meets World’ shares practical advice for welcoming a new baby at 54

Trina McGee, best known for her role in “Boy Meets World,” recently announced her pregnancy at the age of 54. In an exclusive interview with “Entertainment Tonight,” she expressed her pure joy and shared that she is not bothered by any negative comments or opinions about her pregnancy. McGee’s focus is on the blessing of having a child at her age and ensuring a safe delivery.

Despite some people questioning her decision to have a baby in her 50s, McGee offered some advice for others in similar situations. She emphasized the importance of staying away from stress and negativity and highlighted the need for wisdom when raising a child at an older age. McGee encouraged others to be realistic about potential challenges and make provisions for their child’s future.

McGee made the announcement on social media, asking for prayers for a safe delivery at her age. She has two children from a previous marriage and is now married to producer Marcello Thedford, with whom she will be welcoming their first child together. After nearly two decades of marriage, McGee is excited to start this new chapter of motherhood with her husband.

Overall, Trina McGee embraces this new journey with happiness and gratitude, focusing on the blessings of having a child despite her age. She encourages others in similar situations to stay positive, realistic, and wise when it comes to parenting at an older age.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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