Former combat medic and Certified Nurse Practitioner provides tips on maintaining men’s health during Men’s Health Month

In the small town of Princeton, West Virginia, a local nurse practitioner and former combat medic raises awareness about men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer. However, he also points out that non-gendered health issues tend to affect men more severely. Caleb McDonald, a family nurse practitioner with WVU Medicine Mercer Medical Group Primary Care, shares his insights on the matter.

According to McDonald, men have higher mortality rates in eight out of the ten leading causes of death compared to women. He highlights the fact that many men in the country avoid going to the doctor until after something goes wrong. This behavior contributes significantly to their high mortality rates.

McDonald emphasizes the importance of an annual medical examination for maintaining good health. He stresses that even if you are not feeling sick, it is crucial to go for regular check-ups. Being honest with your doctor about all aspects of your health is also crucial. From family medical history to symptoms like fatigue, depression and weight gain, it is important to be open and honest with your healthcare provider.

By withholding information from doctors, treatable problems may escalate into more serious issues or even lead to death as doctors play catch-up with symptoms instead of treating the root cause.

McDonald discusses how untreated health issues can cause irreversible damage to organs and emphasizes the importance of early intervention. He also addresses the prevalence of diabetes mortality in West Virginia and recommends starting with lifestyle changes such as avoiding carbs.

To access available healthcare providers in your area, you can visit a specific website provided by McDonald. Overall, taking proactive steps towards a healthy lifestyle and prioritizing regular check-ups can help prevent serious health complications in the long run.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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