Accelerating Action to Close the Gender Gap in Science

As the world continues to make progress in many areas, one issue that persists is the gender disparity in science. Despite recent advancements, only one in three researchers globally are women. The ongoing problem is due to the numerous barriers that female scientists face, which can discourage girls from pursuing scientific careers and limit the progress of women in the field.

To address these barriers and build on the key findings and recommendations from the UNESCO Global Forum “The Future for Women and Girls in Science” and the AFNEUS “Women in Science” Congress, an event will be held in honor of the 2024 International Day of Women and Girls in Science. This event will not only unveil the UNESCO Call for Action “Closing the gender gap in science,” but also provide valuable insights on initiatives, resources, and best practices to put this call into action.

The event will bring together experts from various fields to discuss their experiences and share their insights on how to create a more inclusive environment for women in science. They will also explore ways to promote STEM education among young girls, provide mentorship opportunities for women scientists, and address issues such as bias, discrimination, and unequal pay.

The event aims to inspire young girls who are interested in pursuing scientific careers by providing them with role models who have overcome similar challenges themselves. It also seeks to provide practical solutions that can be implemented by universities, research institutions, governments, and other stakeholders to close the gender gap in science once and for all.

Overall, this event represents a critical opportunity for everyone involved to work together towards a more equitable future for women scientists. By addressing these barriers head-on and implementing effective strategies to promote gender equality in science, we can unlock new possibilities for innovation, discovery, and progress that benefit us all.

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