Introducing the Philadelphia Phillies’ inaugural mental health director

Dr. Deanna Nobleza is the first-ever mental health director for the Philadelphia Phillies, a role that has been met with both excitement and apprehension. Her primary responsibility is to take care of the players and coaches’ mental well-being, which she sees as an integral part of overall health, especially in a demanding lifestyle like professional baseball with its rigorous travel schedule and time away from families. Despite some initial concerns about the stigma of mental health, Nobleza has found that there is a willingness among the team to embrace mental health initiatives and seek help when needed.

Nobleza has started sessions with players and coaches to address the pressures of playing in Philly and other mental health issues that may arise. She hopes that her work will pave the way for other women to enter similar roles in professional sports. She encourages athletes to seek help when needed and sees asking for help as a brave and beneficial step towards improving performance on and off the field.

In her second season, Nobleza has been working closely with players to understand their unique needs and challenges. She has also been working with coaches to develop strategies for managing stress and improving overall mental well-being.

Nobleza’s approach to mental health is rooted in her belief that it is essential to address it proactively rather than waiting until problems arise. She emphasizes that taking care of one’s mental health is not only good for personal well-being but also essential for success on the field.

Despite some initial skepticism from team members about seeking help for their mental health, Nobleza has found that there is a growing awareness among players about the importance of addressing these issues. She believes that this shift in mindset will lead to better outcomes both on and off the field.

Overall, Nobleza’s work as the first-ever mental health director for the Philadelphia Phillies represents an important step forward in addressing mental health issues in professional sports. By prioritizing mental well-being, she is helping pave the way for other teams to follow suit, ultimately leading to a more healthy and productive environment for all involved.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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