Business owners in the Crossroads District optimistic about potential increase in business with new ballpark.

Brewery Emperial, located in the heart of Kansas City’s Crossroads district, has seen firsthand the growth and development that has taken place in the downtown area since its establishment in 1995. The brewery’s owner, Rich Kasyjanski, reflects on those changes and notes how difficult it was to find places to go out in downtown back then.

Now, there is a thriving community in the Crossroads with an abundance of bars, restaurants, and entertainment options. However, Kasyjanski acknowledges the uncertainty that comes with further development and construction in the area. He questions how the neighborhood will be affected and what the construction will look like in the future. Despite these concerns, he remains optimistic about the potential opportunities and growth that could come from being located in such a dynamic area.

Kasyjanski also sees great potential for his business to benefit from nearby developments such as a downtown ballpark. He believes that having a stadium nearby would bring more people to visit on game days as they pass by on their way to or from the stadium. This could result in increased business for Brewery Emperial and other local businesses in the area.

Overall, Kasyjanski views his location as an advantage rather than a challenge. He is excited about all that is happening around him and looks forward to seeing what else lies ahead for both his business and the Crossroads community as a whole.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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