Beginning in Puglia: The Digital Facilitation Points Network

The Public Administration is undergoing digital transformation, making many useful services accessible through smartphones and computers. However, not everyone has the necessary skills to take advantage of these services, leading to a lack of familiarity with IT tools. In response to this issue, a dense network of Digital Facilitation Points is being established across the entire regional territory of Puglia to support citizens in using the internet, digital devices, and online applications of the Public Administration free of charge.

This initiative, financed with Pnrr resources, aims to promote digital inclusion and provide support to the population with low skills in the digital sector. The Digital Facilitation Points in Puglia will offer citizens the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of digital services offered by the Public Administration, such as SPID, CIE, PagoPA, App IO, and PEC.

A special round table event will be held on Wednesday, January 24th in Bari to present the Network of Digital Facilitation Points in Puglia. The event will discuss the physical locations of these points and the services offered within them. The initiative is promoted by the Puglia Region and InnovaPuglia SpA, and registration for participation is open to everyone.

Overall, the Digital Facilitation Points in Puglia are a valuable resource for citizens to enhance their digital skills and access important services offered by the Public Administration. This initiative is crucial for promoting digital inclusion and ensuring that all members of the community can benefit from the opportunities provided by digital technologies.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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