Maldera discusses De Zerbi’s absence and the ‘similar style’ of Spurs

Brighton assistant boss Andrea Maldera spoke to the media about the team’s upcoming match against Tottenham on Saturday. During his news conference, he touched on several key points.

Firstly, Maldera discussed Roberto de Zerbi’s absence from pre-match preparations and emphasized that de Zerbi’s presence remains with the squad despite not being physically present. He expressed confidence that the players understand their responsibility and hoped they would play for de Zerbi in the upcoming game.

Maldera also mentioned Kaoru Mitoma’s inclusion in the squad after his return from the Asian Cup. The decision regarding Mitoma’s inclusion will be made by de Zerbi based on his performance during the week, despite the challenges of traveling extensively.

Regarding injuries, Maldera revealed that Joao Pedro had sustained a hamstring injury and would be unavailable for the match. Pedro had undergone a scan and would require further evaluation next week to determine the extent of his absence.

Looking back at recent notable wins against West Ham and Grimsby, Maldera expressed optimism about Brighton’s performance in the upcoming game against Tottenham. However, he acknowledged that Spurs were a different team compared to when Brighton previously defeated them. He praised their quality players and emphasized their similar style of play this season.

Finally, Maldera shared his appreciation for Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou’s management style, particularly admiring his strategic player rotations and their impact on Spurs’ success this season.

The news conference ended with guidance for fans to follow their favorite Premier League teams on BBC Sport through the app or web browser for personalized updates and news alerts.

In summary, Brighton assistant boss Andrea Maldera provided updates on Roberto de Zerbi’s absence, Kaoru Mitoma’s inclusion in the squad, Joao Pedro’s injury, and Brighton’s optimism about their upcoming match against Tottenham. He also praised Tottenham boss Ange Postecoglou for his management style while acknowledging that Spurs were a different team compared to when they previously defeated Brighton.

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