The building is powered by renewable energy sources

In a world where global warming is becoming increasingly concerning, countries are setting ambitious goals of achieving zero carbon emissions in the coming decades. To achieve such a target, it requires national planning, but when each component unit aims to be carbon neutral, the goal becomes more likely to become a reality. This is the idea behind the project to build a carbon-neutral apartment complex in Cham, Switzerland.

Papieri Cham is an innovative construction project that uses geothermal, hydroelectric, and photovoltaic energy systems to generate power for the apartment complex. The building is constructed using wood-concrete composites or recycled concrete wherever possible to minimize carbon emissions from the construction process. Short transport routes were used to complete construction, while Swiss construction materials were relied upon to further reduce carbon emissions.

The project’s goal is to lower Switzerland’s annual energy consumption per capita from 8,000 watts to the current world average of 2,000 watts. Papieri installed photovoltaic batteries to provide 50% of energy needs, while 40% of energy needs are met by a hydroelectric plant operating on the nearby Lorze River. The remaining energy demand comes from the grid with its own carbon-cutting measures.

To meet heating and cooling needs, a natural system that utilizes geothermal energy buried more than 320 meters underground was implemented. This system not only reduces carbon emissions but also saves on energy costs for residents living in Papieri Cham apartments.

Papieri Cham sets an example for sustainable building practices by demonstrating that every construction project can be carbon neutral in the future. It serves as inspiration for other developers and architects worldwide who want to contribute towards reducing global carbon emissions by adopting sustainable building practices and technologies.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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