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Mental health is a crucial aspect of college life that often gets overlooked. Holly Morrell, a sophomore at [University], recognized this gap and took the initiative to bridge it by establishing the Mental Health Advocacy Club. The club’s objective is to create an open environment for like-minded members to join who are looking to meet new people and make friends.

According to Morrell, speaking about one’s mental health is not required unless one is comfortable. The goal is to make the club a safe environment where students can know they are not alone, even if they do not want to speak about it. To ensure widespread participation, Morrell plans to post polls on GroupMe, allowing members to choose meeting times that suit their schedules. Meetings promise an open and enjoyable atmosphere featuring music, movies, games, study sessions, and wellness workshops.

The Mental Health Advocacy Club is gearing up for a promising semester ahead, filled with activities aimed at promoting mental health awareness and support. One notable event on the horizon is a wellness workshop featuring Cait Massone, the club’s off-campus advisor. Massone, a neurologist and mental health advocate, is publishing a book detailing her personal journey with mental health struggles. The workshop promises a blend of informative talks, engaging games, snacks, and an opportunity to connect with a professional in the field. Details are forthcoming and will be available on their OspreyHub and Instagram.

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