Mail scam targeting business renewals prompts Secretary of State to issue warning

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett has issued a new warning to business owners in the state regarding a mail scam targeting annual business renewals. The deceptive mail scam is related to the filing of annual business renewals from a company known as Tennessee Business Filing Center.

It is important for businesses to complete their annual filings with the state by April 1 each year. These reports update or confirm an entity’s records with the Department of State and are required to maintain “active status” so the business can legally operate in the state. Businesses can file their annual report by visiting the TN Secretary of State website.

Businesses are receiving official-looking mailers from the company, threatening additional fees and business dissolution if the entity does not file within 60 days of the April 1 deadline. Secretary Hargett and the Division of Businesses and Charitable Organizations have received multiple complaints regarding this misleading mailer.

Secretary Hargett reminds all Tennessee business owners to be cautious of any mailing they receive from third parties offering services provided by the office. These parties are not affiliated with the Secretary of State’s office, and any suspicious activity should be reported to the Division of Business and Charitable Organizations.

Business owners can report suspicious activity by emailing or by calling (615) 741-2286. Complaints can also be filed with the Attorney General’s office by calling (615) 741-3491 or visiting the Attorney General & Reporter website. Stay informed about news across the state by visiting the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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