The Importance of Investing in Net Lease and Technology Innovation

Camille Renshaw is a commercial real estate titan with an impressive track record of success. After selling her successful startup and investing in commercial real estate assets, Renshaw quickly developed a passion for the industry that would drive her to become one of the most respected figures in net lease investment, 1031 exchanges, and commercial real estate technology.

Renshaw’s journey began with a successful startup sale and an investment in commercial real estate assets. Initially, her goal was to become a better owner, but she quickly developed a strong passion for the business itself. This passion led her to hold senior positions at top brokerage firms before co-founding B+E in 2017.

Under Renshaw’s leadership, B+E has made significant contributions to net lease investment and 1031 exchanges. However, it is her work in commercial real estate technology that has set her apart from others in the industry. In 2017, she introduced her technology to CRE services at a time when many were still skeptical of its importance. Today, Renshaw is widely regarded as an innovator in this field.

In recognition of her accomplishments, Renshaw received two prestigious awards in 2020 as CPE’s Innovator of the Year and Net Lease Executive of the Year. In an episode of Investment Matters, she shared her thoughts on various topics related to commercial real estate, including takeaways from 2023, top 1031 Exchange trends, generational wealth strategies, debt markets and net lease, how family offices approach investments, overlooked issues in securing debt, where the 1031 action is and much more. She even touched on the importance of technology in the commercial real estate industry.

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Overall, Camille Renshaw is a true trailblazer in the world of commercial real estate. Her passion for the industry combined with her innovative approach to technology have earned her numerous accolades and cemented her place as one of the most respected figures in the field today.

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