Russian-Canadian pleads guilty to illegally exporting technology to Russia

A Canadian Russian woman, Kristina Puzyreva, has pleaded guilty in regards to a multimillion-dollar scheme to send electronics to Russia for military use in the war against Ukraine. According to a statement from American prosecutors, Puzyreva pleaded guilty in federal court in Brooklyn, N.Y. for money-laundering conspiracy. She was involved in helping to send pieces used in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and guided missile systems in violation of export and sanctions laws.

Puzyreva’s husband, Nikolay Goltsev, had been buying American electronic components for the Russian military for years while living in Canada. It was stated that Puzyreva was involved with an electronics company based in Montreal, Simatech Group Inc., which bought what is known as dual-use technology. Prosecutors said that she received more than 150 packages at her Canadian address from American companies over roughly five years.

United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, Breon Peace, indicated that Puzyreva played a key role in laundering proceeds from the scheme in order to evade sanctions and ship UAV and missile components to Russia that were later found on the battlefield in Ukraine. U.S. authorities stated that the scheme involved more than 300 illegal shipments valued at about $10 million and that some of the electronics were later recovered from Russian equipment that had been seized in Ukraine. The cases against Goltsev and Nasriddinov are still ongoing as they face charges of smuggling, conspiracy to violate sanctions and wire fraud conspiracy respectively .

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