The melting of Himalayan glaciers was slowed by Corona

The melting of Himalayan mountain glaciers due to restricted movement is a growing concern as carbon dioxide emissions continue to threaten their existence. If emissions are not controlled, there is a risk of complete melting in this century, with even a slight warming of 1.5 degrees causing a third of the glaciers to disappear.

The Himalayas and Tibetan highlands are crucial for preserving glaciers and the snow that feeds them, as they are the source of ten major rivers in Asia. The snow melting in the spring provides water for about half of the annual needs of four billion people. To slow down the rate of snow loss significantly, reducing air pollution, particularly black carbon or soot, is necessary.

Research by Indian, German, and British scientists published in the Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics journal revealed that reducing soot levels to those observed during the pandemic lockdown could have a positive effect on slowing down snow melting in the Himalayas by up to half. The cleanliness of the air during the pandemic lockdown reduced transportation of soot over the Himalayas, leading to lighter and less heat-absorbent snow surfaces. This helped preserve snow cover during spring and slowed down the melting rate. Protecting snow cover is crucial for glacier preservation as it helps in slow melting process and formation of new ice.

In conclusion, controlling carbon dioxide emissions is essential for saving Himalayan mountain glaciers from complete meltdown. Even small reductions in temperature could lead to significant changes in these regions’ ecosystems and communities that rely on them for water supply.

Indian scientists played a vital role in this research along with their German and British counterparts. They discovered that reducing soot levels could help preserve these vital resources for future generations. It’s time we take action to reduce our carbon footprint before it’s too late.

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