Solar Party: A Spectacular Celebration in Wow in the World

Get ready to join the ranks of bestselling children’s book authors and science podcasters as they prepare for a unique episode that celebrates the science behind a rare event. In the upcoming episode titled “The Great Solar Eclipse Party” on the Wow in the World podcast, Mindy is hosting a festive gathering for the solar eclipse, complete with snacks, games, and music.

As Guy and Mindy delve into the basic physics behind the solar eclipse, listeners will gain insight into why and where it’s happening, what ‘the path of totality’ means, and what this cosmic event will look like. The importance of eye protection during the solar eclipse will also be discussed, as well as the science behind mylar lenses.

To wrap up this exciting episode, listeners will join in on a sing-along to the hit song ‘Eclipse Party’ from ‘Moon 5.’ Hosted by renowned podcast pioneers and New York Times bestselling book authors Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas, Wow in the World is dedicated to inspiring hope, empowerment, and awe through their engaging approach to science. With topics ranging from brain freezes to dinosaurs to 3D-printed food to the science of fear, Guy and Mindy are committed to making learning fun for children.

Don’t miss out on this special episode celebrating all things solar!

By Sophia Gonzalez

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