Central College Receives $50,000 Grant for Research on ‘Decision Science’ Curriculum • Iowa Capital Dispatch

Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI), a manufacturing company based in Pella, Iowa, has awarded Central College a $50,000 planning grant to launch a new curriculum focused on decision science. This initiative is aimed at preparing students better for the evolving business landscape by incorporating elements of artificial intelligence, analytics, and digital transformation into the curriculum.

Central College Vice President Mary Strey emphasized that some aspects of decision science are already present in the current teaching methods and the grant will help formalize these into a new program and potentially introduce new courses. The collaboration between Central College and PPI aims to create a curriculum that aligns with the needs of the current and future labor market, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills required to succeed in the business world.

Central College President Mark Putnam expressed gratitude for PPI’s support and emphasized the importance of partnerships with industry leaders in shaping the future of education at Central College. He noted that this grant will enable faculty and industry experts to develop a curriculum that addresses changes in the workforce, new technologies, and evolving business practices.

Leslie Johnston, Vice President of Human Resources at PPI, highlighted her company’s pride in supporting Central College as it enhances its programs to benefit students and businesses both now and in the future. She stated that this collaboration is essential for developing a curriculum that prepares students for success in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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